Friday, April 15, 2011

My Party Affiliation

I have been repeatedly asked if I was a Democrat or Republican:
I have researched the philosophies of several different parties, and I have not affiliated myself with any one political party yet. As this current election drags on, I find myself questioning party affiliations and the "two" party system. I also find that the rules for each of the parties are very constraining. It may make things more difficult in some ways, but for the most part, going outside the parties will free me up to keep my stances. I think it's about time that, as a nation, we cease to allow the government to push us into categories and clicks so that they can further their own personal political agenda.
We all have had our trials in life, I know I have. I do not use them as excuses but I do believe that they have helped form me into the man I am now. I have even been teased because of my name, but who hasn't?
I have been classified and judged based on my religion, age or experience. I am sure all of us have at one point or another, it's how we react to those that shows our character and ability to stand up for what we believe in and really create a positive movement in our lives and the lives of those around us.
When I was attempting to grow my business, I had people looking down on me because of my age or the misconceptions of Quixtar. I am still as ambitious and driven as I was then, and still willing to go against the grain and stand up for what I believe in. I have worked with Quixtar for several years, and despite the many attempts to grow the business, I know that I can better serve this country by working on Capital Hill. My own personal business growth can wait for a few years until I feel that I have served this country to the best of my ability, at which point I can again focus on my own personal business ideas.
I believe there are a few things we should consider when electing the President of the United States:
We need to vote for the person best suited to represent the United States and its people as a majority, someone who doesn't have their own personal agenda that changes from state to state.
Someone who tells you what they honestly believe in, not something they say just to win votes.
Someone who can make the best decision for this great nation, whether it agrees with their beliefs or not.
Someone that research the issues and make an informed decision. Research the "changes" they want to enforce and see how it affects everyone, not just some special interest.
Someone willing to stick to their guns and stand up for the "right" thing.

I will maintain my own beliefs but I will not let that get in the way of the people's voice. As a public official it will be my job to represent the voice and beliefs of the people.
I know that I will have to face conflict from time to time. I bring something to the table that no other Politician seems to understand - How to work with less than you think you need. The government overspends on just about everything. I believe that if they were given less to work with they would quickly find a way to make it work.
I also believe that there could be a way to create a balanced budget that works for everyone and hopefully it could even include a surplus so that there may be more tax breaks. I have learned to create a budget in my own household. If someone can not balance and maintain their own personal accounts how can they possibly balance and maintain the trillions of dollars that run through the Treasury every year.

There will be challenges to face, but I believe that I am able to handle the challenges.

What Makes me Capable of being the President

I was asked the question the other day about what I have done that would show to the citizens of the United States that I am capable of running a country. They told me it is one thing to put together a family and keep it from falling apart, but something entirely different in running a nation.

The only constitutional requirements are that you are thirty-five, a U.S. born citizen, and that you have lived inside the nation for the last fourteen years. I meet those requirements, but there has to be something more, right?

How about the fact that I am in touch with what it is like to live near and below the poverty level, when not a single one of our presidents in history has taken office in need of the wages that the presidency offers.

The President does not run the nation. The President is in charge of telling the Senate and Congress ideas, and creating momentum with those ideas to improve and maintain the livelihood of those within the nation's borders.

This nation is starting to realize that the old days of tradition are leaving us behind. We have been turned into a nation of consumers, which has turned even our jobs into something disposable. The odds of your future Presidents being wealthy as the current ones are is diminishing, of them coming from a background where they and their fathers held the same job for twenty years and being married only once are dropping at a rapid rate as well.

It is your responsibility as a citizen of the United States to pick people in your leadership that represent what is best for the future of our nation, and not necessarily what will benefit you in the short term and not based on the money they have and spent on campaigning. It is time we start thinking about the legacy we are leaving those who will inherit this place long after we are gone! To preserve the rights our founding fathers fought and died to give us! That even soldiers now lay down their lives to preserve!

So, the things that make me capable of being President:

° I have the nation's interest as a whole at heart, and not some political point of view that I want to maintain.

° I am not wealthy. I know what it is like to choose between new tires and food for the family. To work fifty-hour weeks so the bills get paid.

° I am passionate about America, and have many creative ideas that I know will improve this nation for everyone.

Character and the President

First the definition of character that I am meaning in this blog:
Distinctive qualities: the set of qualities that make somebody or something distinctive, especially somebody's qualities of mind and feeling.
As I live in this nation and watch this latest election, it is becoming apparent that character is lacking.
You may ask why do I think character is important, why should character count? Right now, in this day and age with the people currently in high places, it does not seem to matter at all.
It seems that character is being bred out of the general pubic a little bit at a time. We are a nation that is getting spoiled and use to getting our way in all situations. We blame everything on everyone else. People do not take responsibility for their own actions. Our society is teaching our children to take the easy way out, only do what you have to do to pass or get by. We are teaching our children that character does not matter. If this is true, where is this nation headed? What could the future of this nation hold?
I have heard the argument that there is no connection between a person's personal life and their political potential. I disagree with this completely. In this time in history, we seem to be training more and more delinquents in our society, more and more people living off of the government. We can not allow this. We should be teaching morals and character, since they are two things that go together. A person can not have a strong moral compass without first having a strong, reliable character. Once a person has developed a stable character they also gain stable morals. Two things that can not be separated from one another in my opinion. Two things that is essential in this nation. Two things that are needed in our next President of the United States!
In a President, I feel that character should be everything! When in office the President has a lot of people to help him through, but no matter how many people he has by his side, they can not help him with the qualities of his character that will be called for. His character should have decency, be steadfast and he should be honest. He has to know what his ideas for our nation are, and with an open mind work through obstacles that will doubtlessly arise, but still be strong and courageous enough to stand up and remain firm on his ideas, not to bow down under pressure.
In politicians lately it seems that if Americans like what he says or does, then his character is not an issue. Political correctness and general popularity are replacing a person's character, honor, integrity, and duty. What they say is true for them today might not be true for them tomorrow.
If a candidate had true character, he should not have to stoop to the childish level of viciously attacking the other candidates that are in the same race to the Oval Office. What does that say about someone's character if they have to use such harsh words to tear someone else down? They might not see things the way you see them, nor have the same ideas for the future of the nation but they are still people and they are still citizens of the United States. We should never treat other people like that. If we do not like it when someone does it to us, we should never lower ourselves to that level to do it to someone else.
Character does not mean being the most brilliant political or military mind that is why you have advisors. Character does not mean you have to have a smart edged wit or the best sense of humor that is why you have script writers. Character is a function of the brain and heart.
Character is something that should come naturally and easily. It is not something that you can call upon to work for you when you need it. It is not something you can borrow; character is something a President must bring with them, something they must already possess. Character is the true factor that will guide them through the troubled waters of being President.
A person might have a great plan for the nation but they will not mean a thing if they do not have character. If a person does not possess character, how do you think they will be a great President?
I was told once that "anyone can be brave for five minutes, you do things that you could never see yourself capable of doing". I believe character is a lot like that as well. You can say one thing just to get elected and never truly be capable of doing it. But it takes greater courage and character to say one thing, mean it and then follow up by standing your ground and standing firm for what is right no matter what the opposition might be.

I believe I have great character. I am not saying that I am perfect or flawless, and I know I have made mistakes. I do not deny that, as a matter of fact I am extremely open about my mistakes. I might regret a few things here and there but I do not dwell on the past. I believe that they were lessons I needed, they have made me who I am today.
I always try to do my best. I try to do what is right, even when no one knows or cares. "Character is what a man is in the dark". I believe that everyone is important, every vote is important. I tend to treat everyone that I meet like a true friend and help them out however I can.
Character can not be measured by what a man has in his pocketbook. Character does come with a price. We should not elect a President based on what he spent on his campaign. They spend a lot of money that could be better used to help the homeless or some government programs. 30 Million dollars would greatly improve welfare, medical aid, or even social security. 30 million is what an average candidate spending campaigning for President. 30 Million! We should elect a President based on character and what price he has paid to stand by it.
I may be on this campaign trail with no money and a completely uphill battle but I WILL NOT QUIT! The government needs to change and I believe I can do it! This is America and I believe that dreams can come true here in America. The American dream is to become the best you can be. That you can be anything that you want to be.
I will do my best to leave this country in better shape financially and environmentally for you and your children and their children.

"Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap your character; sow your character, reap your destiny."
- - Unknown - -


The issue of abortion is one that has deeply and permanently affected my life, so when someone asks what my stance is on this issue, something within me stirs. I have paused before answering, being torn both on the moral implications and the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to give us.

I know this issue is important to you as well. Should we overturn Roe vs. Wade, or fight to preserve the decision? I feel that Pro-life steps on a woman's right to make her own choices in the matter, though I also feel that if people are willing to have sex, they should be responsible for every consequence. Pro-choice harms the most innocent of our society, for a child still in the womb is unable to fight for itself, to speak to the mother of the aspirations and improvements to society that he or she would bring through life.

Yet, what kind of life could a child have if forced by law to be raised by those who did not want to or were incapable of raising the child? Then who becomes responsible to foot the bill when the person is unable to support the child financially?

These thoughts and questions go with my thoughts whenever I think ..ion. It is also where I came to a stance that I feel comfortable taking:

We should fight to make abortion not the issue. I feel that education and prevention and adoption should be a priority instead. I know this brings up the issue of parents feeling that if their kids are taught about "safe" sex practices, and the diseases and complications that "unsafe" sex brings, as well as making pregnancy prevention a focus, grants the children an "okay" to go out and experiment.

Let me state that as it is, they are still out there experimenting. It doesn't seem to matter to them whether or not they are getting an "okay" from anyone, and it is costing us many innocent lives.

I suggest that we divert money spent on supporting abortions to education, adoption, and prevention.

The Economy

My frustration holds no bounds at this point. I keep listening to the "Secured Housing Investment Trust" bill that is being debated on with our leadership thinking that dumping $800 BILLION dollars into the banks is somehow going to cause the economy to start moving once again. I know this is not the official title of the bill, but I think you can get my sentiment by the title that I heard put to it.

Someone should be looking into why the banks aren't getting income any more. Isn't that because they are trying to collect on debts that aren't being paid? And why aren't they being paid? Because we are spending all our money on gasoline to go to jobs that aren't paying enough wages to keep up with the rising expenses.

If someone really wanted to stop this depression from coming, they should look at what was done to get us out of the last one. It wasn't billions of dollars "invested" in banks that have over extended themselves. It was dumping billions of tax dollars into creating jobs.

We need to declare a state of emergency. Take the billions that are planned to being dumped into the banks like paper into a furnace and spend it on creating jobs for those who need work. We also need to take a closer look at our spending habits. The United States is in debt just as deeply as its citizens, only towards foreign nations instead of banks. Where are we planning on gaining the income for those billions?

I would say that everyone on state or government assistance needs to report to the offices so we can assign them work. The welfare system can no longer be a free ride. In this state of national emergency, it will take sacrifice from every American. And what exactly would everyone needing work do? I thought you'd never ask!

The entire Eastern and Gulf seaboards of the United States were just pummeled by severe storms. Texas was hit 12 days again by a hurricane and there are still many parts of Houston and Galveston are STILL without power. Houston is a major hub for a lot of industry in the United States, so getting it back on its feet is something that absolutely needs to happen. If those areas remain damaged and without power for too much longer, the entire U.S. will be affected. Many jobs and homes will be lost, and many businesses in those areas will go out of business altogether.

As Americans, everyone who is capable should be there assisting in restoring that area to original conditions, as well as shipping people to repair every other area of America that is in desperate need of being put back together. We just happen to have an excess of unemployed or displaced workers in this nation, or at least those that say they are unemployed and those that are on welfare.

I believe that if they want to be on welfare, they have to earn that paycheck just like the rest of us. Someone in the household should have proof of a steady, paying employment, if they cannot provide that proof, they should "volunteer" to be relocated temporarily to a disaster area or an area that is in need of help. I understand that not everyone can pack up and be temporarily placed in a disaster area to help rebuild and restore the area, for them I am sure that we can find plenty of job opportunities for them, even if it is something like picking trash up from the sides of the roadway, for example.

This would accomplish several very important things:

* Reform and improve the welfare system

* Provide employment

* Improve the economy instantly

* Improve the environment

* Improve Moral

* Provide housing for those that have lost their house or for low-income families

* Rebuild businesses, which in turn further improve the economy

If we invest money into the banks in order to save them, it will give us a short break on the slumping economy, but it won't solve the main problem of the bank not getting money coming in from the American public. If we get that money from foreign nations, what will we do when they call in their debt upon us? It would be a sad day indeed when we have to sell off the Louisiana Purchase in order to satisfy our debt to China.

We should take that $800 Billion dollars and put it to good use. We should invest the money in those who need the work, help rebuild damaged areas and raise wages for those currently working. I think that will cause the greatest improvement.

I am not saying that the banks and businesses should suffer I just think there is a better way to help everyone not just the banks. Putting the money JUST into the bank will not help stimulate jobs and it will not help rebuild the nation. If the banks receive all the money, they will be able to loan businesses and people money to rebuild and remain open but with the economy still sliding closer and closer towards the fast approaching depression, the people and business owners will not be able to re-pay the loans again and then we will be in exactly the same situation in the near future. Then what? Close our eyes and throw more money at the problem and hope it all sorts itself out in the end. It will not happen. By spending the money as they are proposing, all will suffer.

Taxpayers will be paying higher taxes that we already cannot afford on top of gasoline and food prices. People will no longer be able to pay their car payments and therefore will lose their ability to reliably get to work to make the paycheck. People will no longer afford their house payments. The dependency on the current failing and overstressed welfare system will increase and quickly lead to its collapse. And we will continue to sink into an abyss that we may not be able to survive.

What we need to do to fix this crisis involves a complete re-evaluation of federal spending. If need be, the government officials should take a pay cut and survive on a paycheck that is more like what the rest of us live on. They should "donate" the amount above and beyond that set amount to help with the funding for this idea. The taxpayers should not suffer for the mistakes of the government.

As I see it, the following are the areas that Congress and the Senate need to get together and put in solutions for:

1 – Do whatever it takes to get gas prices below $2.00 per gallon.

2 – Do what it takes to reduce the cost of food for the general populace. Use our unemployed to assist in the reduced food project.

3 – Restore all damaged areas of the nation. Those affected by tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other national disasters have no real reason for being damaged more than 90 days. Use our unemployed to assist in the restoration project.

4 – Resolve the unemployment issues by getting creative in starting new jobs. This would include taking jobs from those who do not have them legally and giving them to those who have the legal right to them and finding work for those who are on welfare and government assistance and able to work.

5 – Find a short-term solution to the housing crisis without using money the government does not have. There has to be some way to negotiate the loans that are being foreclosed upon. Assist the banks without burdening the tax paying public. If it is by paying a "bail out", then so be it.

6 - Resolve the underpayment of Americans. We may be the highest paid nation in the world, but we are also the highest charged nation.

Effects of the Campaign on my Family

Bringing a private life out into the public eye is always tough and can sometimes be traumatic. I have the same intent with this that Bill Clinton did during his run as presidency, where the public eye was very limited in interacting with Chelsie, there were a couple articles on things that were occurring, but for the most part, she was non-existent when it came to the public eye. Let the children have their years at being kids!
Children are people too, and as such, will have a different point of view than the others in their family. Mine is no different. When I first told my son and daughter, their protests were loud and to the point. They were just getting used to where we were living and didn't want to move again! After discussing the matter, especially why Mom and Dad wanted to do this, both became determined to help in any way that they could.
Of course, my belief is that family should come first in all situations, and if a situation arose that would require harm to my family in order to continue campaigning, I would choose to keep my family safe and secure. We all realize that this is not going to be a simple process, and that the road ahead is so steep that all odds are against us, yet we have decided as a family to stretch and show ourselves ready for the task ahead.
Starting this campaign has already influenced my wife and daughter in a positive way. My wife is focused in every attempt to get our intentions out to as many people as possible, and my daughter is constantly asking about special projects she would like to do to improve the quality of school education and life situations that children her age are going through.

I am constantly encouraged by their faith and attitude and fiercely proud of their unity in this matter!

2008 Election Results

No matter what opinion any of us have on the results, the people of the United States has spoken, and now it is our time to do our Patriotic Duty and throw our support behind the choice completely.

We should all be proud, even if the one we voted for did not win the office, because our Democratic system proved again that we could change our leaders without violence or bloodshed, without any real political unrest as well.

The United States of America has proven that even though we struggle with racial divides, we are able and willing to elect any nationality into any office that they are qualified for. This is a tremendous step that would have been unheard of even twenty years ago.

I look forward to watching Barak Obama in his efforts to fulfill all of the campaign promises he has made. I also plan on being one of the voices to the Senate and Congress, for they were elected to represent the people, and cannot know where they should stand if the people do not speak up and tell them our positions.

How the new President handles the unique situations in his career in office is something that I am taking extra interest in, for with every success and failure, I am learning just by being an observer.

Thanks to everyone who voted, no matter who you voted for, for your votes help to ensure that our Republic does not fade into history as another failed government.